Why choose an electric bicycle ?

A chance to break free !

Electric bikes make journeys, especially those involving hills less of an issue than they would be on a normal bike. People with electric bikes use them much more often than a normal bike. All of a sudden you can travel that bit further and get that little bit of help just when you need it. Believe us when we tell you that some exercise is better than no exercise !

So much cheaper !

For every day use it will cost only a few pence to fully charge the battery on an electric bike. Of course, there's always possibility of things going wrong. But the same would be true of any mechanical means of transport. Remember, every journey you take by bike instead of taking the car, is a lot of money saved in petrol and wear & tear. Not forgetting the pain of having to find and pay for a parking space !

Ownership is just like a normal bike !

Under the current UK law, electric bikes don't qualify as "motor vehicles" so you wont need licence, MOT or any special insurance.

Recharge on the go !

Just find a mains socket, plug in, wait a while and get on your way !

Save time on your commuting !

For normal c10mile commuter journeys, you will find it's quicker to get around by electric bike than by car or even by motorcycle. There's no getting stuck in traffic, as you can use the cycle lanes and other facilities for cyclists, and most work places have special parking spaces for bikes. Oh, and one more thing…NO more congestion charges !

It's safer !

Because electric bikes can go that bit faster, you will find yourself getting out of trouble that bit quicker. In particular pulling away from junctions and traffic lights as well as going uphill. And best of all, as you won’t have your head down frantically pedalling away you can remain more alert to the traffic and road conditions around you.

Go the distance !

Because of the assistance provided by an electric bike you will be able to extend the range that you're able to cycle before you get tired, making it an option for journeys that you might previously only have considered doing by car or motorbike.

No sweat !

Because you're going to be getting that extra assistance, you will end up exerting yourself less than you would on a normal bike.

Less exertion equal less sweat. You'll have to put in less effort especially up hills or into a headwind, so you're less likely to end up at work all red faced and sweaty. No more wasting time getting showered and changed before you make your way to your work space.

No noise !

It's almost silent ! Unlike motorbikes the sealed motor on an electric bicycle is silent, Which means that you’re less likely to annoy the neighbours in the morning and more importantly you're more likely to hear danger before it gets too close.