HYBRID A versatile dual purpose bike. Perfect for daily commuting and light off road weekend fun...

FAT Expand your boundaries with this unique bike. Hit the beach or the snow, with its powerful 3...

FOLDING Perfect for daily commuting on the train and weekends away in a caravan/motorhome. With ...

RETRO This is a great looking retro bike with unique detailing on the handle bars and seat. Hit ...



Electric bikes are revolutionising the way people commute and enjoy a new found freedom for longer rides. Most of the feedback we get is similar to "We didn't realise they were such great fun !" or "Just when I was about to give up on cycling, its given me a new lease of life and I can leave the car at home !"

Nearly one in every five bikes sold in Europe is now electric.

We are so insanely committed to building the best Electric bikes on the planet, we went over to the factory to oversee quality control and personally inspect every single bike that came off the line. Attention to detail, having an awesome community, and quality components we believe will make the Edge.bike the best Electric Bikes on the planet !

Why is an edge.bike a superior bike?

High capacity lithium battery LG cells

Great quality rear hub motor by Bafang

High quality gears by Shimano

Why choose an electric bicycle ?

A chance to break free !

Electric bikes make journeys, especially those involving hills less of an issue than they would be on a normal bike. People with electric bikes use them much more often than a normal bike. All of a sudden you can travel that bit further and get that little bit of help just when you need it. Believe us when we tell you that some exercise is better than no exercise !

So much cheaper !

For every day use it will cost only a few pence to fully charge the battery on an electric bike. Of course, there's always possibility of things going wrong. But the same would be true of any mechanical means of transport. Remember, every journey you take by bike instead of taking the car, is a lot of money saved in petrol and wear & tear. Not forgetting the pain of having to find and pay for a parking space !

Ownership is just like a normal bike !

Under the current UK law, electric bikes don't qualify as "motor vehicles" so you wont need licence, MOT or any special insurance.

Recharge on the go !

Just find a mains socket, plug in, wait a while and get on your way !

Save time on your commuting !

For normal c10mile commuter journeys, you will find it's quicker to get around by electric bike than by car or even by motorcycle. There's no getting stuck in traffic, as you can use the cycle lanes and other facilities for cyclists, and most work places have special parking spaces for bikes. Oh, and one more thing…NO more congestion charges !

It's safer !

Because electric bikes can go that bit faster, you will find yourself getting out of trouble that bit quicker. In particular pulling away from junctions and traffic lights as well as going uphill. And best of all, as you won’t have your head down frantically pedalling away you can remain more alert to the traffic and road conditions around you.

Go the distance !

Because of the assistance provided by an electric bike you will be able to extend the range that you're able to cycle before you get tired, making it an option for journeys that you might previously only have considered doing by car or motorbike.

No sweat !

Because you're going to be getting that extra assistance, you will end up exerting yourself less than you would on a normal bike.

Less exertion equal less sweat. You'll have to put in less effort especially up hills or into a headwind, so you're less likely to end up at work all red faced and sweaty. No more wasting time getting showered and changed before you make your way to your work space.

No noise !

It's almost silent ! Unlike motorbikes the sealed motor on an electric bicycle is silent, Which means that you’re less likely to annoy the neighbours in the morning and more importantly you're more likely to hear danger before it gets too close.



EDGE.BIKE Out in the wild part 1

EDGE.BIKE Easy like Sunday morning



Almost always, yes. We’ve had riders as short as 5’2″ and as tall as 6’5″ test ride, love it, and buy an Edge.bike. The secret is in our frame design with a dropped top tube and angled seat post. As you raise the seat, it pulls back farther from the handlebars. On each product page you can find the detailed dimensions of the frame and bike.


We use high quality components that can be ordered online or picked up at any local bike shop. For electronics, we will send you replacement parts that you can take in to your local bike repair shop. We will pay for any repair costs under warranty.


Yes. We’re extremely confident in the build quality and branded components. All bikes come with a 2 year frame warranty and 1 year warranty for the rest of the bike.


The short answer is yes. The motor and electronic components are sealed and built to withstand rain.


This depends on a number of factors. The size of the battery, the type of bike, the weight of the rider and the terrain. Many customers are reporting 30 miles when they ride in pedal assist level 2 or 3. For a more detailed view see each have of the product pages. This should be treated as a guide.


Most of our bikes bikes have a 250w motor which is the maximum road legal amount. However the fat bike has a 350w motor as we envisage this being used off road


We know its a big decision to buy a bike online (hundreds of our customers do !)

Which is why we are going to put our money where our mouth is.

If you still aren't sure whether an electric bike is for you. Drop us a note using the contact us button and we will arrange for a demonstrator to be sent out to you as soon as one becomes available. Try it for a week.

If you don't get on with it we promise to refund you in full and best of all, we will pickup all the delivery costs ! 

If you love it, we will send you a shiny brand new one. In return we expect to see photos of you out and about on your new lovely bike !


We currently only sell online with no dealership fees – you save LOADS !
We have stock on the way into the UK to our Birmingham Distribution Centre and will ship directly to you in approx 3 days  time.
Have a look online at some of our competitors. Yes, you will save hundreds buying from us on a very similar bikes !
Our bikes are fully loaded. With mudguards, racks, LCD displays and front/rear lights. So there's no need to rack up costs on all those little extras ! (see individual bikes for further details, specifications vary)
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The power assist was amazing, especially when needed to traverse a busy road. Certainly had given me more confidence when road riding.


Just had my first ride of the bike, it is awesome !


Following recent medical issues I finally decided to take the plunge with an electric bike. This bicycle is a serious go anywhere machine and inspires confidence almost immediately. It is definitely helping with my recovery !

Peter and his bike Edgar !

Early Xmas Present !

How fab does this look !


I totally love it, I've been 12 miles today!!! Having the assisted power is amazing, it gives you real confidence to go that bit further..